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Looking for an experienced mentor?

who cares about your growth

as much as you do

You are at the right place. 

With 15 years of teaching expertise in Mandarin, from college, university to

my current coaching business, I not only help clients accelerate in mastering Mandarin with ease and fun but also upgrade their mindset towards learning.

Here is how we can work together..


The Mandarin Mastermind program 

Learn and apply strategies and methods to swiftly master Mandarin via Mandarin nuances, Memory enhancement and Energetics. This saves a decade of studying Mandarin costing up to ten thousands.


This is my signature 2 months ( 9 weeks ) mastermind experience where clients will go from redundant practices to fun and effective applications of Mandarin, overcoming tones and pronunciation hurdles.  

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The Momentum Training Program

This is a 2 months program that is designed to train academic students, who are weak in Mandarin or wish to learn the ultimate short-cut to learning Mandarin,


to be equipped with Mandarin Expertise, Memory Enhancement and Energetic techniques to 5x their own Mandarin learning in accordance to their syllabus and confidently master ( MOE ) Mandarin exams with fun and ease without the repetitive handwritten character practices and overwhelmed stress. 

( Affiliated with The Mandarin Mastermind )

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The Mandarin Creative Writing program 

Learn how to have ideas flow smoothly like a river as you brainstorm in under 2 minutes , turning your creative Mandarin writing into a Masterpiece of its own, effortlessly delicious to read.

This program consists of 4 sessions. 


Only for Mandarin learners aged 10 and above who is able to write basic Mandarin sentences.

Send in application via email to . You will be contacted within 3 working days.

Academic Sessions Training™

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-Provide expert strategic guidance on grammar , sentences, exam papers components ( e.g. nuances to comprehension) with precision so that students feel confident and certain on what to work on for and how to intelligently tackle each components in the paper without unnecessary stress and effort. 


 -One powerful Memory technique ( bonus worth SGD 500 ) to help students in Academic sessions to retrieve the list of Mandarin vocabulary straight from their brain instead of painfully forgetting words 

 -Utilize pedagogical methods for inquisitive and interactive learning that promote language acquisition, stimulate healthy brain development, and encourage playful educational engagement. - a cognitive development that set the child up for success in Mandarin mastery 


 -scientific-proven teaching methods to improve cognitive learning of humans 

 -Premium Mindset Coaching


 -Accelerate growth on specific exam components all the way to upper levels in accordance to child’s capabilities, not restricted by school levels and age. 


 -At the start of each month, goals and transformation map is planned out for the month and investment is paid upfront. 


 -Inclusive of Oral exam training and 

 Composition Passage writing 


 -Includes Expert and professional holistic review of student at the end of the last session of the month 


 -Q and A segments are provided as needed. Students are allowed to send in 1 email containing ALL the questions regarding the learning for that week ‘s session and reply will be given within the next 1-5 days. 


 -Investment fee is based on coaching deliverables and access to the coaching , techniques and education system in DCA. 


-Students are enrolled in either Solo Edition or Team Edition ( Group )

 -No one is left behind. A student, assessed to require more scaffolding in learning, will be enrolled in a Solo Edition. Personal progress of students are tracked regularly. 


 -Enrolment in Team Edition ( Group ) aligned with the school same level is deemed mandatory for all students who are successfully qualified. However, for those individuals who have demonstrated exceptional progress and have been granted acceptance into higher levels, participation in higher level coaching pods is optional.


 -If the student is accepted into Team Edition ( Group ) — this safe space is currently limited to 5 pax with intimate support from the coach and peers. 

-Minimum 4 sessions 1.5 hours per month (if Mandarin learner only sign up for academic session ) 

1 Session : SGD 80/h - 130/h



Book a Mandarin Transformation Map Call with me to gain insights and recommendations of what the next best step is for your child based on their unique situation and personal issues in Mandarin. 

One Time Trial : SGD 80

Only for Newcomers 

Client Waitlist

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Hi ! 

Due to the limited spaces for the training programs and sessions, there will be an exclusive client waitlist for you to join so that you get the opportunity to transform your own Mandarin learning or for your child.

Once there is vacancy in the spots,

you will be notified via the contacts you provided.

Please kindly fill up the Client Waitlist form below.

As you have heard, Drez Chinese Academy specialises in Brainworks, Memory Enhancement, Premium Mindset Coaching and Energetics that is aligned with effective Mandarin strategies to accelerate your Mandarin learning like never before.

I cannot wait to coach you or your child and impart my Mandarin secrets and magic.

In the meantime, do check out our Mandarin training programs and follow us on instagram for exciting updates. 


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1 : 1 

Hi ! I am happy that you are here. 

If you want to find out more about your current Mandarin standard and personal challenges in learning Mandarin, 

and what your next best step to reach your goals in Mandarin learning is,

book a free 60 mins discovery call with me below where we will dive deeper into creating a plan that will address the challenges you face.

My intention is to provide insights to what your next best step is and whether we are a fit to work together or any of my programs or coaching sessions can help you in reaching your vision in learning Mandarin.

Fill up the application form via the link below,

there will be a button in the form for you to book the call with me.

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