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Faded Shapes

Hey ! I am Drezel-
a Mandarin Learning Strategist, Certified Yoga and Happiness Coach.

I help individuals to short-cut their Mandarin learning timeline and retain the knowledge of Mandarin by using my DREZ methodology.

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I started coaching Mandarin at the age of 17 and fast forward till today, it has been 13 years of expertise.


My students were from local and different countries such as Korea, Philippines, Indonesia and so on.  


Many of them were still in school.

In 2018, my student, CL, confided with me that Mandarin is too challenging. It has too much writings and he could not remember the words despite multiple practices. He felt that the Mandarin lesson in his school was utterly uninspiring.

In that moment, i activated my genius zone and came up with specific solutions to help him without utilising the traditional way of repetitive character writings. He instantly improved his word quiz.

Faded Shapes

I began to notice from my students' experiences that the way Mandarin was delivered in school lessons were causing them to lose the interest , making them unenergised to learn and the practices and exams led them to stress and burnout.

They were craving for something more - a teaching method that will inspire them with the beauty of Mandarin, retain the learning and eliminate ineffective practices of Mandarin. 

It was a real wake up call for me to revolutionise the way Mandarin was taught to people and chart a new path for Mandarin learners.

I crystallised my teaching method at that time and developed an upgraded version - a more fun and holistic learning method for Mandarin that is integrated with my knowledge and expertise i have gained from personal development experts all over the world. 

This is how DREZ methodology was born !

Faded Shapes

After implementing the method, everything started to change.
Here are my clients' results..


..Corliss went from having mistakes in her school spelling to consistent full marks after just 1 coaching lesson. She was enthusiastic about the lessons all the time after understanding the aesthetics of Mandarin.


..Shawn went from failing Mandarin exam to passing it after 3 coaching lessons. He started showing great passion for Mandarin and the Chinese culture. 


...YX went from failing Mandarin exam to achieving her desired B3 in O levels

Aly  went from failing writing exam to a B grade in 4 weeks. She displayed strong curiosity in the aesthetics of Mandarin.

And there are so many more results such as these..

If  you are ready to have your child or yourself experience the magic transformation by learning the effective tools for Mandarin so that you can eliminate years of lessons costing 100 000+ dollars, and have more fun,

Click the button below and apply to work with me. 

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